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Ships to Save
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Honorary Chair
Pete Seeger

Hosting Organizations
Schooner Ernestina
Sloop Clearwater
Coalition for Buzzards Bay (CBB)
Buzzards Baykeeper, a project of
SE Environmental Education Alliance (SEEAL)

Funded thanks to a grant
from the Island Foundation

Special thanks to Essence Grille
and Symphony Music in New Bedford

F.A. Sowle Building
89 N Water St
New Bedford, MA

June 1,2 & 3, 2001


The Summary is up along with the
briefing materials and other references.
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Download Conference 2001 Materials:
Conference Summary Document (1.3M)
Conference Briefing Book (904K)

MA Environmental Education Plan (114K)
What Floats Your Boat? (M. Witten)

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New Bedford (official)
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Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger, founder and mentor of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, envisions the Ships to Save the Waters (SSW) as a venue for networking water-based programs, sharing educational methodologies and exposing the work of a broad range of environmental and community-based organizations to the public-at-large.

The hosting organizations have invited ships with environmental messages along with many other organizations committed to education about our watersheds, waterways, coastal ecosystems and oceans from the headwaters to the sea. SSW is where environmental issues, education, community and music will harmonize with the historic seaport of New Bedford.

You can download the Conference Summary linked to the left or click here for the text of Pete's Remarks....


The Vision

The waters of the world are precious. Traditional sailing vessels are magical places where waters share their secrets and expose our vulnerability.

StStW brings these special vessels together with communities of organizations, resources and learners, broadcasts their message and recruits new stewards for sustainable, healthy world waters for this and future generations.

Communities and the natural environment can serve as an integrating context for learning.



Our Mission

To inform and inspire the creation and sustainability of watershed and water-borne programs for protection, preservation, restoration and celebration of our waters.


Friday, June 1
Saturday, June 2
Sunday, June 3

Summary Session
Sunday, June 2
1:00-3:00 pm


v Speakers and Panel discussions in the Green Room
2nd Floor F.A. Sowle Building

v Exhibits also in the Ernestina Office/Museum
1st Floor F.A. Sowle Building

v Music and Meals on the Waterfront at Tonnessen Park with Schooner Ernestina alongside

v What is a Charrette? It is a design process with a deadline where teams gather in working groups to form new visions and strategies.

v Come prepared to participate! The conference starts off with presentations by panelists but moves into a charrette format where many more ideas and strategies will be expressed, developed and shared.

v Is it only about ships? It is about waters that connect us. Participants will be connecting the headwaters to the sea by design. The conference is for individuals and organizations who would like to learn, share and collaborate.

v What does it cost? We are asking for $25 this year to cover some food and conference materials. We are thankful to the Island Foundation of Marion, MA for a grant to underwrite many of the expenses. Please register and mail a check to reserve a place on a team.

v What comes out of the conference? The findings, maps, charts and drawings along with a photographic record will be compiled into a summary document that will be published to the web and in a limited hard copy form.
The 2nd annual SSW can lead to a 3rd annual conference next year in 2002 taken up by any group of interested organizations. Any suggestions?
Maybe some new collaborations will be set in motion!

v Where can you stay? There are hotels and B&Bs in town you can find through the New Bedford links above. We do have a very limited number of berths on the ship we are making available for those who have come a distance. If you are willing to rough it we can find places for tents. If you need assistance on this please indicate your request on the registration form in the comment section or call our office directly.


& Dockside Activities

Saturday, June 2
& Sunday, June 3

  v Ships open for tours
v Maritime Heritage Day Festival on Saturday
v Artisan's Cooperative Street Fair on Saturday

*ships that will be present
~other ships will be represented

If you don't see
your ship named here let us know...

Schooner Ernestina*
Chebacco Boat Lewis H. Story
Hull Lifesaving Museum*
Whaling City Rowing Club Whaleboats*
Rocking the Boat*
Sloop Clearwater
Sloop Providence
Schooner Lady Maryland
Schooner Adventure
Schooner Sultana
Amara Zee
Schooner Quinnipiack
Schooner Denis Sullivan

Friendship Sloop Momentum ex-Dirigo
Friendship Sloop Valhalla
Sloop Christeen
Bantry Gig Verite
Gundalow Capt. Edward H. Adams

Barkentine Gazela of Philadelphia
Barque Picton Castle
Brig Lady Washington
Schooners Westward and Corwith Cramer



If you don't see
your organization listed here let us know...

American Sail Training Association (ASTA) (RI)
Bayfront Center for Maritime Studies (Erie, PA)
Buzzards Bay Action Committee (MA)
Beetle Cat Boats (MA)
Buzzards Bay Project (MA)
By-the-Sea Online Magazine
Center for Marine Education & Recreation at Oyster Bay (NY)
Clearwater Nederland (Netherlands)
Coalition for Buzzards Bay (MA)
Cohasset Maritime Institute (MA)
Community Boating Center (MA)
Community Foundation of SE MA
Delaware Bay Schooner Project (NJ)
Essex Shipbuilding Museum (MA)
Floating The Apple (NY)
Hansa Foundation (MA)
Hull Lifesaving Museum (MA)
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum (VT)
Leead International (CT)
Living Classrooms Foundation (MD)
Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies (MA)
MA Environmental Trust (MA)
MA Watershed Initiative (MA)
Monmouth County Friends of Clearwater (NJ)
Mystic-Williams Program (CT)
National Maritime Heritage Foundation (DC)
National Maritime Historical Society (NY)
Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory (PA)
Reeds Nautical Almanac
Rocking the Boat (NY)
Save the Bay (RI)
Save the Harbor Save the Bay (MA)
Schooner Sound Learning (CT)
The Last Noah's Ark (Brasil)
UMASS Dartmouth (MA)
Volunteer Water Monitoring Newsletter
Watershed Success Stories
Westport River Watershed Alliance (MA)
Whaling City Rowing Club (MA)

Maritime Heritage Day
Saturday, June 1
The community of maritime New Bedford welcomes you to walk the length of Water Street and step into New Bedford’s history. In the heart of America’s most historic seaport, the festival includes stages and tents with a variety of story-tellers, musical interludes, and interpretive presentations celebrating the heritage of fishing and the bounty enjoyed from the sea.

Schooner Ernestina will be hosting open ship at Tonnessen Park telling the story of the 19th fishing technology on a Grand Banks schooner.

Conference Schedule ~Click Here to Register~

Ships to Save the Waters 2001

Friday, June 1

5:00-9:00 pm Check-in and Registration
F.A. Sowle Building, 89 North Water Street
6:00-8:00 pm Buffet Dinner (provided)
F.A. Sowle Building, 89 North Water Street
7:00-7:15 pm Welcome and Introductions
Gregg Swanzey, Schooner Ernestina
7:15-7:45 pm Plan for Saturday and Sunday
~An Overview~
7:45-8:15 pm Introductions All Around
9:00-10:30 pm Film at Tonnessen Park A film projected on Ernestina's foresail
~dependent of the weather, of course~

Saturday, June 2

7:00-10:00am Registration
7:30-8:00am Coffee and Bagels (provided)
8:00-8:30am Welcome and Introductions
Gregg Swanzey, Schooner Ernestina
8:30-8:45am Opening Remarks
Pete Seeger
8:45-9:45am Creating Livable Communities
Andy Mele, Sloop Clearwater
John Bullard,
University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
Beth Nicholson,
Save the Harbor Save the Bay
How do we manage growth, protect precious water supplies and address community needs?

Businesses are coming to realize that "anything leaving the premises as a waste stream, instead of a revenue stream, is both an environmental liability and a drain on profits."

50% or more of our water quality problems are derived from non-point sources.

10:00-11:00am Exemplary Water-based Programs
Carl Herzog, Reeds Nautical Almanac, moderator
Ed McCabe,
Hull Lifesaving Museum
Charles Burnham,
Chebacco Boat Lewis H. Story, Saugus River
Lucy Iannotti, Whaling City Rowing Club
Erin Escher,
Westport River Watershed Alliance
Alan Lee Hankin,
Sea Connections Summer Content Institute
Peter Bolster,
Living Classrooms
Using the environment as an integrating context (EIC) for learning.
11:15am-12:00pm Massachusetts Environmental  Education Plan:
Coordinating Programs, Education Reform and Agencies
Alan Lee Hankin, PhD, Emerson College, moderator
Anne Beaulieu,
Community Foundation of SE MA
Robbin Peach,
MA Environmental Trust
Tricia Sheppard,
The Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies
Gregg Swanzey, Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance (SEEAL)
Designing Regional Environmental Education Alliances in Massachusetts
12:00-2:00pm Lunch on the Waterfront (provided)
Go get lunch, check out the Maritime Heritage Festival and be back by 2:15!
2:15-4:15pm Working Groups:
Establish Goals and Inventory Resources
~Primary Goal of the Charrette~
v Design a collaborative that will produce the stated outcomes.
4:15-5:45pm Working Groups:
~Questions to be addressed by the Working Groups~
What is the mission of your collaborative?
v What are three objectives of the collaborative?
v Who are the partners?
v What resources are at hand?
v What is the operating area?
v Mark up a chart and 'draw' the project.
6:00-7:00pm Dinner on the Waterfront (provided)
7:15-8:00pm Working Groups:
Report Progress
~Hear from each of the groups~
8:00-10:00pm Evening Songfest

Sunday, June 3

8:00-8:30am Coffee and Bagels (provided)
8:30-8:45am Good Morning and Structure of the Day
8:45-10:00am Merging Activism & Education: What's the fit?
Seth Garfield, Buzzards Baykeeper
Mark Rassmussen,
Coalition for Buzzards Bay
Gay Gillespie,
Westport River Watershed Alliance
Andy Mele,
Sloop Clearwater
10:00-12:00noon Working Groups:
Summarize Saturday's Work
Draw Conclusions
Prepare Presentations
~Bringing it all together~
12:00-1:00pm Lunch on the Waterfront (provided)
1:00-3:00pm Charrette Summary Session:
Presentation of findings by Working Groups
~Presenting the Results~
3:00-3:30pm Closing Remarks
Pete Seeger and hosts:
Andy Mele,
Gregg Swanzey,
  Schedule subject to change. It's a work in progress!

Ships to Save the Waters
Conference 2001

Schooner Ernestina