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Ships to Save the Waters Conferences

Conference 2000
Liberty State Park
Jersey City, NJ
July 1-2, 2000

Conference 2001
F.A.Sowle Building
New Bedford, MA
June 1-3, 2001

Conference 2002
NMEA Conference
New London, CT
July 23-24, 2002

Questions and Comments

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger, founder and mentor of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, envisions the Ships to Save the Waters (SSW) as a venue for networking water-based programs, sharing educational methodologies and exposing the work of a broad range of environmental and community-based organizations to the public-at-large.

Each year since 2000 hosting organizations have invited ships with environmental messages along with many other organizations committed to education about our watersheds, waterways, coastal ecosystems and oceans from the headwaters to the sea to join together  for a conference.


The Vision

The waters of the world are precious. Traditional sailing vessels are magical places where waters share their secrets and expose our vulnerability.

SSW brings these special vessels together with communities of learners, broadcasts their message and recruits new stewards for sustainable, healthy world waters for this and future generations.



Our Mission

To inform and inspire the creation and sustainability of watershed and water-borne programs for protection, preservation, restoration and celebration of our waters.


Ships to Save the Waters