The Genealogy Project
    Henrique Mendes Robert Abram Bartlett Clayton Morrissey

 August 29, 2002

We would like to send a special thank you to those who had helped us with the Genealogy project for 2002.  It was a interesting project and the two of us will cherish the experience.  The project could not have been done without the help of the people mentioned below.  Thank you again for making this internship a memorable experience.  

Paul Cyr , Genealogist – New Bedford Free Public Library (NBFPL)

Viriato “Vic” Bala – conversation at “Festa da Ernestina” about Gertrude Sena Mendes’s siblings and his family

Roberta Davis of New Bedford, MA

Donald Mendes of New Bedford, MA

Arnold Mendes of Bridgewater, MA

Rev. Joseph Mendes of New Bedford, MA

Elaine J. Monteiro of New Bedford, MA

Arthur Monteiro of New Bedford, MA

Rev. Robert Mendes of Richmond, VA

Martine Hargreaves, Librarian – NBFPL

Joan Barney, Genealogist – NBFPL

Ana Maria G. de Pina of Lisbon, Portugal – conversation at “Festa da Ernestina”

Joseph Mendes of Providence, RI – telephone interview w/ Traudi Coli

City Clerks Office-New Bedford City Hall


Kendra Santos
Gil Pires

This project was made possible thanks to a grant from the Island Foundation of Marion, MA.