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Sail Reservations

Please fill in the following information to request a Sail reservation. We'll post a return eMail with confirmation. Of course you could also call the Ernestina office for sign-up, (508) 992-4900.

eMail Address    
Phone (day)    
Phone (eve)    
Time-of-Sail From / To    
Port(s)-of-Call From / To    
Are you a member?   yes no    
How many members under your
membership in your party (including yourself)?
How many guests in your party?    
Total # persons (including yourself)?    
Meals are available only for overnight sails and longer.

There is a standard cost of $10 per meal.

What is the total cost for meals = # persons x $10 each?

For Multi-day Sails and Special Day Sails there may be an additional charge listed on the calendar.

What is the total cost = # persons x additional rate (if any)?

Persons on multi-day sails should be members
and can sign on through the
member page.

Guests may come for daysails.
What is the total for guests @ $25 each?

Total amount due?    
Any other comments?    
  The total amount due should be paid in advance by check to the "Schooner Ernestina Commission" and mailed to our address below with a note attached.

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