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Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2001

PKU TEEN Challenge Day 3

Written by B watch: Angela, D.J., Lucas, Kaitlin, Nick, and Brittany

Well, we woke at the crack of dawn to sunny weather. The B watch had the fun task of raising the anchor. However, they should have asked another watch to do it, because B watch was so strong they broke off one of the windlass handles. We set course for Fisher’s Island off New London, CT with wind in our hair and layers of sunscreen on our face.

Suddenly, CRASH!!!!! The sky turned black, Zeus appeared like something out of a Greek Myth heaving lightning bolts of destruction directly at the heart of the Ernestina. The main mast was hit, tearing the mast from the mast step. The deck trembled. People were hurled into the freezing cold water. B watch heroically went to the emergency boat and rescued the people in the water. Meanwhile, Amanda was skillfully navigating the bolts of death. Suddenly, Greg sprang up the bowsprit with the charred remains of the main mast sitting on his shoulder. He thrusted the main mast into Zeus’ godly torso, killing the mighty Zeus. After all that happened, Greg asked the entire crew of the Ernestina to do a magic hippie dance. Magically, the clouds parted and a rainbow appeared. The Ernestina was saved!

Okay, so obviously none of this happened, but there was a storm. It lasted about 12 minutes and while the crew stayed up on deck and manned the ship with the 50 knot winds in their faces, the rest of us were sent below like a bunch of scared sissies. [You can see where the storm hit on the track to the right because the computor was turned off during the time, a straight line is displayed on the blue track line where no positions were recorded from the GPS] The rest of the day was sunny and calm. It was a great day for sailing and imagination on board the Ernestina.

Captain: Amanda Madeira
Program Coordinator: Crista Mellican

We would like to thank Lotus and IBM for donation of software, hardware and funding to enable regular electronic updates from the ship.

NOAA Chart is provided courtesy of Maptech using Cruising Navigator 4.3 and grabbing the image using Grabit Pro 6.02.

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