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Date: Monday, August 6, 2001

SEA Connections Summer Content Institute for Science Teachers
Underway Day 1

After a dockside orientation in New Bedford, we set four lower sails on our departure from the harbor with the required hoot and holler as we passed through the hurricane wall gate.

The heat was left behind as we sailed on with fog horn blasting into thick fog.

First destination was the Weepecket Islands across Buzzards Bay for some bird sightings. However, even at less than a mile off, we couldn't see the islands and decided to gybe ship to go for our first otter trawl at Megansett Harbor.

After striking sail southwest of Southwest Ledge, we motored and trawled out of the harbor to place the net on the port side of the ship. This is our towing side and it is best, especially in strong winds, to have the wind coming over the port side thus streaming the net to windward and away from the side of the ship.

After briefly considering the harbor for an anchorage, we decided to make our way across the Bay to Aucoot Cove between Marion and Mattapoisett as a more comfortable place.

In the image sequences to the right you can see our otter trawl going over and back aboard for sorting. Can you tell what large camouflaged fish Barbara Belanger from Fairhaven HS is looking at? (Well, time is up, it is an Oyster Toad Fish) We also get a close-up look at a special find: a Chip Crab (Lynn Boudria from Old Rochester Regional HS likes this one especially)

Captain: Gregg Swanzey
Project Director: Alan Lee Hankin, PhD
Program Coordinator: Crista Mellican

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Teachers Aboard for this Institute:
Philip Angell
Hanover Middle School

Barbara Belanger
Fairhaven High School

Lynn Connor
Old Rochester Regional HS

Linda Ellis
Joseph Case Jr. High

Sarah Fisher
Southeast Middle School

Charles W. Flynn
Plymouth North High

Kate Jesdale
Andrews Middle Schoool

Carleton D. Johnson
South Boston High School

Jennifer Mallette
Tower School

Darby Pontes
Joseph Case Junior High School

Marilyn Porell
Norton Middle School

Larry Tingley
King Philip – North

John D. Wall
Franklin School (Brockton)

Funded thanks to a grant from the Department of Education and in partnership with the Westport Community Schools.

We would like to thank Lotus and IBM for donation of software, hardware and funding to enable regular electronic updates from the ship.

NOAA Chart is provided courtesy of Maptech using Cruising Navigator 4.3 and grabbing the image using Grabit Pro 6.02.

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