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Date: Saturday, August 25 through Sunday August 26, 2001

Transit Sail Boston to Portland with Members

After a calm and quiet night alongside the Courthouse Dock at Fan Pier in Boston Harbor, the crew of the good ship Ernestina awoke. We had some crew depart the ship, and relief joined us. The newcomers, and certainly visitors alongside could hardly tell of the events of Friday morning by looking at the schooner. Not a scratch on her, no blistered paint; only a slightly charred sternline and minor smoke damage on the mainsail.

After a fine breakfast in the focs’le from Doralee,all hands turned to for the passage to Portland, Maine. Morning chores, and galley cleanup was followed by the arrival of 24 Members. Voyaging crew were shown to their bunks, and following an introduction to the crew, and safety briefing, we were ready to depart.

The weather was dominated by High Pressure over Canada, presenting clear skies, but a foul NE breeze.

110 Nautical Miles to Portland, and straight to weather.

At 0840, once we left the dock, all hands set the mainsail (and dumped alot of water from yesterday’s fire hoses on the deck), and foresail and jumbo. We motorsailed out the harbor, and followed the ebb through the North Channel. The current met the contrary winds and produced a steep chop as we entered Massachusetts Bay. The bowsprit dipped under the sea a few times, ad we carried on slowly to the East . Some of the voyaging crew felt ill with the motion. A complete safety orientation took all 3 watches through the ship before lunch was served on deck.

The wx moderated off Cape Ann, and around 1700 we shut down the main engine, and set the jib and jib topsail. A light southerly filled in, and Ernestina sailed on a starboard tack, "by and large". Just before supper, the Schooner Spirit Of Massachusetts appeared over the horizon. They had sailed to Newfoundland this summer, and after a chat on the VHF, Ernestina’s crew gave a salute ("ziggy"). They carried on to Stellwagen Bank (to the South) looking for ‘charismatic megafauna’. We sailed over Scantum Basin, looking for whales as well. (A sailing vessel from New Bedford searching for whales, is this the 19th Century?).

After supper on deck, watches prepared to sail through the night, and the JT was struck, as the forecast called for the Southerly to build overnight.

After dark, the wind continued to veer, and our cruise track shows the changing course. The seas became a little confused with the change of the wind, and the vessels motion uncomfortable. Members participated in the operation of the vessel by watch.

At 0230, after we crossed the Southern Traffic Lane for Portland, the midwatch tacked the ship, and we roared off on a beam reach towards the "P" buoy at the entrance to Portland Harbor. The wind had come around West by North.

All hands on deck at 0600 as the schooner sailed by Portland Head against the ebb. Breakfast by watch below, and then a quiet sail into the harbor. The sun broke through and warmed the morning, and we struck sail off the dock at Portland Yacht Services. The Schooners Lettie G. Howard,and Harvey Gamage were already alongside in preparation for the cooperative program with Greens Farms Academy.

At 0845 we were secure alongside, and all hands turned to for the daily chores. At 0930, after travelling together 123 NM , we said farewell to our voyaging crew. A fine transit with members aboard.

No time to rest, for the crew had to prepare for the multi-day sail beginning at 1700.

What a great ship to be a part of!

Captain: Willi Bank
Program Coordinator: Crista Mellican

We would like to thank Lotus and IBM for donation of software, hardware and funding to enable regular electronic updates from the ship.

NOAA Chart is provided courtesy of Maptech using Cruising Navigator 4.3 and grabbing the image using Grabit Pro 6.02.

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