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onations are tax deductible under Section 170(b)(1) and as defined in Section 170 (c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.

IRS regulations require that the donee organization supply a statement to the donor estimating the value of any goods or services provided for contributions of $75 or more. It has been determined that the rights and privileges that members may exercise frequently during the membership period, such as free admission to a museum or reduced fare sailing experiences, may be fully tax deductible if they are given as part of an annual membership offered in return for payment of $75 or less. The value of membership privileges above $75, such as the framed Eldridge print plus reduced guest passages can not be deducted.

In light of these regulations, please use this information regarding that amount of your Ernestina contributions that are tax deductible:

Membership Type Cost Deductible
Subscribing Member $25 $25
Crew Member (individual) $50 $50
Crew Member (family) $75 $75
Shipmate $250 $205
2nd Century Club $1,000 $910
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